[iOS, MacOS] Shortcuts – MH Watermark

The original image with Nikon watermark

MH Watermark

This shortcut code is only available for iPhone iPad and Mac

This shortcut is completely free, if it helps you or you want to support me to constantly update version, you can fund me by clicking on the “buy me a coffee” button in the bottom right corner

Download Link v20:


Related Software Requirements:

None, only iOS or MacOS are required to use


  • Support adding logo of major camera manufacturers: Sony, Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm. etc.
  • Display EXIF of shooting photos
  • Fully customizable display of corresponding shooting parameters
  • Automatically or manually add geographic locations
  • Automatic upgrade function

How to use:

Method 1:

Open the shortcut and click on the icon to run

Method 2:

Select the image you need to add a watermark to, then click the Share button and select the kielbasa watermark